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Are you the proud pet parent of a pup who’s a bit more reactive than you’d like?

Union Lake Pet Services has the perfect solution!

Our new Reactive Dog Class is here to help.

Let’s dive into what this service offers and how it can benefit your furry friend.


What is a reactive dog?

First, let’s understand what “reactive” means for a dog.

Reactive dogs respond more to things like other dogs or people.

They might bark, lunge, or pull on their leash a lot.

It’s common and can be fixed with good training.


Introducing Union Lake Pet Services’ Reactive Dog Class

Our new class is tailored for dogs who need extra help being calm.

The class focuses on teaching dogs to be less reactive.

It’s a safe space for learning and growing.

Benefits of the Reactive Dog Class

There are lots of reasons to sign up for the class.

Let’s look at the benefits it offers to your dog:

  • Social Skills: Dogs learn how to be around others without stress.
  • Confidence: Help your dog feel braver in different situations.
  • Bonding: You and your dog can grow closer as you train together.
  • Better Behavior: See better manners both on and off the leash.

Course Structure and What to Expect

The Reactive Dog Class is divided into lessons over a few weeks.

You’ll attend once a week with your pup.

Each session is built on the one before it.

Consistent practice is key for the best results.

Week Focus Areas Activities
1 Understanding Reactivity Discussion and basic exercises
2 Breathing and Relaxation Relaxation techniques
3 Attention and Focus Teaching dogs to focus on owners
4 Managing Surroundings Handling distractions
5 and Beyond Advanced Training Continuing skills in more challenging situations

Every step of the way, professional trainers will be there to guide you.

Meet Our Professional Dog Trainers

Our trainers are experienced and love animals.

They know how to teach both their pets and their parents.

With their guidance, you’ll learn how to work on reactive behavior.

Signing Up for the Reactive Dog Class

Are you ready to take the leap and join the class?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Contact Union Lake Pet Services.
  • Talk about your dog’s needs.
  • Schedule an assessment for your dog.
  • Get enrolled in the next class.

Further Support and Training at Union Lake Pet Services

After finishing the class, continue your journey with more training.

We offer ongoing classes for your dog’s needs.

Consider joining a group class or scheduling private sessions.

Why choose Union Lake Pet Services?

Union Lake Pet Services is committed to helping pets and their parents.

We believe in positive training methods that build trust and respect.

Choose us for a caring and professional experience.


Final Thoughts

If your dog struggles with reactivity, help is here.

Join our reactive dog class and see the change in your companion.

Together, we can make your walks and playtime more enjoyable.

Get in touch with Union Lake Pet Services today and start your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions on Service Spotlight: Master Your Pup’s Reactivity at Union Lake!


What is the reactive dog class?


Union Lake Pet Services offers a specialized class focused on helping reactive dogs learn to manage their responses to various stimuli in a positive manner.


Who Can Benefit From Reactive Dog Classes?


Owners of dogs that exhibit reactive behaviors like excessive barking or agitation at other dogs or people would find this class particularly beneficial.


Are reactive dog classes safe?


Absolutely, safety is a top priority. Reactive dog classes at Union Lake are conducted by professional trainers experienced in dealing with behavioral issues.


What Methods Are Used in Reactive Dog Classes?


Union Lake Pet Services applies positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior and works on desensitizing dogs to their reactive triggers.


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